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The Inside Out Sandwich

February 24, 2010

Although I live 2 blocks from Whole Foods Arabella Station and retreat almost daily inside the glass store front to be surrounded by beautiful produce and rows of delicious goodies, when I’m starved and in my pajamas (also known as without pants) I cook what’s in the fridge. Yesterday’s breakfast was without eggs, cereal, bananas and pants, so I sliced an inch of Country French Boule (one of my favorite discoveries about this particular Whole Foods, $0.99 bread with 5 ingredients and incredible taste!). I heated 2 slices of ham and a bit of butter. I added the bread to heat over the butter, grated some 365 cheddar cheese on one side, let it melt, and applied the crispy ham. I repeated this on the other side and created the most delicious inside out sandwich. Add pickles and creole mustard for dipping. Breakfast without a trip to the store OR pants.

List of Ingredients

Check out the ingredients. Only $0.99?

The Inside Out Sandwich

Twice the Ham, Half the Bread

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