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Taqueria Corona vs. Everyone

February 25, 2010
Taqueria Corona

Ribeye Taco Heaven at Taqueria Corona

I live on the same block as Taqueria Corona. I feel it is my duty to keep that place open, not that there is ever a shortage of people at the restaurant. My constant dinner companion Michael joined me for dinner during my first week of living within sniffing distance of the place. We had intentions of going further uptown to Mat and Naddie’s that evening, but couldn’t muster the energy to go the short distance in the car, so we walked around the corner and let Taqueria Corona feed us.

I’ve given up reading menus. I get overwhelmed, especially with big menus. I could deal with 2 or 3 items on a menu, but more than that, I get distracted. I can’t concentrate. I become completely indecisive. Lately I like to let my dinner companion order for me, or I ask the waiter to name a couple popular dishes. The first one that sounds good becomes my order.

My friend Jennifer LOVES the cebollitas from Taqueria Corona, so we started with those. Charbroiled green onions with sea salt. Simple and incredibly delicious. (Jen’s fiance Daniel even successfully made them at Sarah and Lucius’ impromptu backyard BBQ on the nicest day we’ve had this spring). You can tell quite a bit about a place by its carne asada. Michael took care of that one. When I asked the waiter what I should order, he answered without hesitation: fish taco, ribeye taco. After packing in the chips and salsa (which were ok, not mind blowing), my tacos arrived. The fish taco was good, but the ribeye taco was juicy and fatty and flavorful and won-der-ful. I made up my mind then and there that one taco was more than enough, and upon my return, I would stick with the ribeye taco. Two days later, Daniel and Jennifer were heading to Taqueria Corona, and I tagged along. Cebollitas and one ribeye taco. Not just a one-hit wonder. Perfect, again.

I don’t like to focus on just one Tex-Mex place, and of course I’ve been spoiled by authentic Mexican food in Kansas City. So far in my search for Tex-Mex here, I’ve eaten at Juan’s Flying Burrito and Nacho Mama’s. I haven’t had enough experience with Juan’s so far to say one way or the other, but Sarah and Lucius are fiercely defensive of Juan’s. I had a hilarious conversation with the waiter over giant nachos. They were good nachos but I liked the waiter better. And Nacho Mama’s was the backdrop for Wednesday night family dinner this week. Sarah, Lucius, Michael and I had a lovely time. Sarah and Michael have been working long hours on a project for the Make It Right Foundation. Lucius is on a break after his 4th year of medical school at Tulane. And I’m, um, retired. So for our patchwork family, late night dinner is key. Two for one margaritas for Mike and Lucius – Sarah’s pregnant and I have a bit of a cold. Whole wheat tortilla vegetable quesadilla for me and Sarah. Mike had deep fried something that became lunch for today, and Lucius ate fajitas or something, who cares, as his mark on the evening was his joyous and colorful description of his wife’s body changes due to pregnancy. The food was fine, the conversation better, and the dancing on the sidewalk outside by all 4 of us, highly appreciated by the crowd still inside.

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