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March 10, 2010
Sandwich View

Cold Roast Beef @ 3 Feet Below Sea Level

My friend Phoebe’s Facebook post today reminded me today of the deliciousness that is the Butcher. Probably my second week in town, I walked to the street car from my house, rode down St. Charles to Halpern’s Furniture, and to engage my appetite, I proceeded to buy a lovely down couch. Next I snuck into Promenade Fine Fabrics on St. Charles (buttons and ribbon and lace, oh my!). I then made my way down to the CBD under the bridge, past the WWII Museum, and on to the Butcher, a sister restaurant to Cochon. Cochon is more fine dining, and the Butcher is saddle-up to the bar and drink a beer at noon. Chef Donald Link of the Cochon Butcher group also has Herbsaint and Calcasieu (private dining) in New Orleans. Wow, that last sentence totally feels like bragging.

Roast Beef

Every item on the Butcher’s simple menu sounded amazing, but the sweet girl at the counter suggest the cold roast beef, which was just what I wanted. The roast beef was the most perfect color of pink. Onion, horseradish, pickle on the side, and Abita Amber to wash it all down. I sat at the side bar long after finishing my sandwich, lazily reading The Gambit, watching the people in the shop, listening to the man behind the counter describe the goodness that is cured meat. The Butcher is the sort of place you could eat every day, never tiring of the simplicity, the rotating crowd, the smell of salty, cured meat sitting just feet away.

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