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Crawfish Boil

March 15, 2010
Crawfish Boil

The first batch was dumped on the table outside which was covered in paper bags for easy clean up.

The crawfish boil must be done outdoors. I didn’t understand this until I actually saw the propane tank that fuels the boil, and heard the roar of the flame. I’m not sure exactly what goes into the water for the boil other than cayenne pepper, a bag of spices, and some unidentified paste. I’ve learned not to ask what I’m eating until I’ve eaten it, and by the end of the boil I couldn’t feel my lips and I forgot.

Normally crawfish aren’t that expensive, but these were $3 per pound. Richie could only get a 42 pound bag, which he claims was the last bag in New Orleans East. And no, the 10 of us did not eat 42 pounds. The neighbors were gifted a small paper bag of crawfish from the last load. The first pot had lots of vegetables, garlic, and oranges from the tree Richie and Molly have in their backyard. I was most pleased with the carrots and potatoes and whole cloves of garlic. The artichokes were good too. I could even have a Crawfish-less boil.

I know this: if you have empathy towards animals, crustaceans included, don’t stand next to the bucket of live crawfish that are getting ready to be boiled to death so you can suck on their bodies and then discard them. I’ve never felt the need to kill my own food, and seriously considered becoming vegetarian after this experience. A few nights later as I was eating a fat steak at Meaux Bar in the French Quarter, I got over it. Oh, how time and white table cloths change my attitude.

One more thing I learned that night: a chicken that accidentally flies in the yard WILL get chased by the dog. The chicken might win, or the dog might win, but the thrill of the chase is well worth the 30 years I’ve waited to see it. According to Richie and Molly, the dog owners and neighbors to the chicken, the chicken is winning 3-2.

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