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Humidity and Hairballs

May 16, 2010

Lloyd eats butter.

It’s just now starting to get humid in New Orleans. Locals tell me that this is nothing compared to the blanket of water that will swallow June and July and August. I think it’s a fair exchange for having warm weather during the winter months, but I haven’t lived through it yet.

My cats seem to be having a hard time adjusting to the humidity. I’ve been brushing them, but the amount of hair they are shedding is insane! Lloyd especially is having a hard time with hairballs, so I did some research on home remedies. Lucky for her, one remedy is butter.

Lloyd isn’t skinny. In fact, she’s pretty fat. And by pretty fat, I mean her belly is close to the floor, and when she lays down she looks like a pillow with ears and whiskers. Yes, she’s on a diet and has been for 5 years. No, the diet is not working.

So surprise, surprise when I put the pad of room temperature butter on a plate on the floor. Lloyd ran right over, making little crackling, chattering meow sounds.  Lloyd is to butter like a duck is to water. She’s still hacking that hairball up, but now she’s doing it with a smile.

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