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Greetings from Above

May 21, 2010
Mississippi River carves through Louisiana

Mississippi River carves through Louisiana

Ever since my first flight, I’ve been enamoured by the view from the tiny airplane windows. I love seeing the aerial view of school bus lots and tiny dots of suburban pools, crop circles and mountain ranges during the sunsets. Last night’s flight out of New Orleans gave me a new perspective on the city, my first flight out since I moved there in January. I love the landscape of my city, seeing it from above as the sun began its descent, shining on the marshes, highlighting the river that cups the city. Leaving New Orleans and flying across the country in the evening means the sun sets the whole way, and the mountain ranges in the southwest were shadowed and highlighted like I’ve never seen.

I-10 across the Marshes

Interstate 10 across the Marshes

By the time I landed and made it to Sushi King in Santa Monica for dinner, it was dark. I’ve been eating a lot of sushi in New Orleans, at Sushi Brothers on St. Charles, Sake on Magazine, and Little Tokyo in Midtown. I like letting my dinner companions order dinner for me, and last night I was not disappointed. I know we ate at bunch of amazing fish (my friend lived in Japan for a bit and knew what to ask for), and for dessert, a last-minute super spicy (jalapeno and sriracha) tuna roll. The food was delicious and the service fantastic. Today for brunch is Little Next Door with my brother Jesse and future sister-in-law Mara, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to do some pseudo-surfing in this, relative to NOLA, cool weather. It’s 90 degrees daily in NOLA, and still in the low 70s here, a lovely reprieve from summer in the South.

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