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Zapp’s: The Spicy Chip Motherload

September 15, 2010
Zapps Voodoo Gumbo Chips

For $2.19 at Zara's: Zapp's Voodoo Gumbo Chips

There is a daily competition for things that I love about New Orleans. Some days it’s local musicians, like Anders Osborne who is playing for free in Lafayette Square this afternoon. Some days it’s the people watching, like the woman who ate a drumstick ice cream cone with her eyes closed sitting next to me at lunch today at Zara’s. And by next to me, I mean RIGHT next to me. Some days it’s the 83 degree breeze that makes my evening time front porch sitting so perfect. But today it’s chips. Specifically, Zapp’s Potato Chips, made right here in Louisiana.

Zapp's Chips: The Bottom of the Bag

This is what sadness looks like. Zapp's Voodoo Gumbo chips winding down to zero. You WILL lick your fingers.

Oh. Boy.

Voodoo Gumbo is the limited edition flavor right now. I also have to give major props to Cajun Crawtators, Spicy Creole Tomato spiked with Tobasco, and Hotter ‘N Hot Jalepeno. Well, let’s be honest. They’re all fabulous.

If you can’t walk to your local grocery store to get them, you can get Zapp’s shipped to your door. You can find the list of flavors on their website, which also told me that they have about half the sodium than regular chips, which means that I can eat twice as many.



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