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Pho King at Lost Love Lounge and Adventures at the Impound Lot

October 15, 2010
Claiborne Towing Facility

This sign should read "Enter Here to Get Kidnapped"

Thursday was a big day. My car got towed.

I thought it was stolen, because that’s what I do. I think things get stolen, of course, because I could never do anything to get my car towed.


Sort of how I thought that the flying side kicks from the Korean guy on the train was going to turn into a knife fight. It didn’t.

I digress.

Shockingly I did not get kidnapped or tortured at the Impound Lot in New Orleans, despite it feeling like a set for a David Fincher movie.

Pho King at Lost Love Lounge

I asked the woman working the counter to give me the best thing they had. She was not messing around. This was incredible.

The woman working the desk who took my $145 payment to get Gary Mini Cooper freed was wearing hot pink sequins. That wasn’t scary. That was amazing. Especially considering the hand written signs and lack of light and clatter clang clatter of the cars passing overhead on I-10.

To celebrate not getting held hostage at the impound lot, my new roommate Devin Meyers and I walked 4 blocks from home to get vietnamese food for dinner at Pho King at Lost Love Lounge in the Marigny. This pork bowl was one of the best things I’ve eaten in New Orleans. And that’s tough competition.

Maybe it was the taste of freedom.

Maybe it was the fish sauce.

I’ll go back to find out, I’m sure. Lost Love Lounge hosts a Spelling Bee every week on Wednesdays. Can you spell C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N?

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  1. krobb permalink
    October 15, 2010 1:46 pm


    i used to get towed all.the.time in chicago. one morning when my car wasn’t where i parked it, i just took a cab straight to the impound. turns out they decided to have street cleaning that day and just MOVED my car to an empty meter. where i got three parking tickets.

    i’m glad you ended on a good note with the pork bowl. yum.


  1. Weeknights in the M-A-R-I-G-N-Y: always something going on —

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