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Sequinned Bunny and Fashion Panda: Peregrine Honig and Mark Southerland

November 1, 2010
Peregrine Honig and Helen Gillet

My favorite Sequinned Bunny Peregrine Honig with cellist Helen Gillet. Photo borrowed from Ms. Honig.

My favorite sequinned bunny, Peregrine Honig, has been visiting from Kansas City. I’m so lucky.

Her escorts? Husband and Fashion Panda Mark Southerland and the most popular dog in the universe, donut-sized Beignet.

I love having out of town visitors, especially when they’re from my home town.

It’s like home away from home at home.

Mark Southerland Horn Sculpture

Disco Panda turned Fashion Panda Mark Southerland playing a horn sculpture on Miss Taylor Triano in a costume sewn by yours truly! Photo by M. Collins

Mark Southerland has been playing music all about town, including with the talented Helen Gillet during VooDoo Experience, and the haunting Dead Kenny Gs at Blue Nile Halloween night. Tonight 11/1 is a gig at 3 Ring Circus. Tomorrow 11/2 at Blue Nile with Helen Gillet. Man, it’s so great to hear the familiar rumblings of Mark’s saxophone and assorted horn sculptures.

It’s interesting to see my city through their eyes, to experience it with them.

Maybe it’s more like home multiplied by home. Ah yes.

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  1. krobb permalink
    November 1, 2010 9:39 pm

    home multiplied by home: i like it!


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