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Adolfo and Adolfo’s Restaurant

January 20, 2011

Adolfo's Restaurant in New Orleans. Fancy sign, eh?

I love a character– someone who is round and interesting, accidentally funny, egoless, full of stories and phrases that keep your attention that you repeat to yourself later, smiling just the same the second time around.

Add to the list Adolfo of the famous Adolfo’s Restaurant on Frenchmen. I finally made the trip up the stairs. Local seafood and local flavor. Incredible. And the man whose name is on the door is the man cooking your food is the man smoking on the bench outside after they close.

Near midnight, I pass his perch as I head home. My belly is full of mahi mahi and ocean sauce, mussels in white wine sauce, cannoli with spicy marinara, and our BYOB wine. I pause to compliment the chef. We’ve chatted before at length about literature and travel. He laughs as he tells me the Travel Channel and Zagat (Adolfo’s is Top Listed) want to come film the place and take photos, but he has more customers than he can seat (maybe 40 people fit in the dining room). “What would I do with more people? Where would I put them?” He tells me stories about the tiny staff, many of whom have been fired and rehired over and over. They’re an odd circus of a family, filling our bellies, coloring our world.

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  1. krobb permalink
    January 20, 2011 9:30 pm

    love it!

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