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New Orleans Pig Lovers, Listen Up

April 21, 2011
Sunny Dawn Summers and Hannah Jo Stubblefield

Sunny Dawn Summers and Hannah Jo Stubblefield pit stopping in the French Quarter after stuffing our faces at Cochon. MMM, pig.

Michael, Marshall, I’m talking to you. Here is a little taste of New Orleans: Cochon.

When I first moved to New Orleans, I was struck by how much the pig plays a part in how I eat here: Elizabeth’s praline bacon, Mahoney’s cochon du lait po-boy, ham hocks that are added into our weekly meal of red beans and rice. Without the pig, where would I be?

I’ve been to The Butcher in the CBD several times. I love their fresh small plates and creative cocktails. But it’s time to step it up a notch. Hannah was in town, and I love to impress my visitors with New Orleans food. This was the perfect opportunity for Chef Donald Link’s Cochon. Ahem, that’s French for pig.

Without a reservation, and at 7:30 p.m. on a busy Thursday, my partner in pork and I assumed we’d have to wait a bit. Our assumption was correct: the hostess informed us we’d wait about 45 minutes. So we saddled up to the bar and ordered a bottle of wine from the fairly large selection on the menu (they have a full bar and big selection of beers as well) and began to drool over the menu. By the time we made a toast to our pig-venture, the hostess came around again and let us know she had a cancellation and could fit us right in.

Pig Map

This pig map shows a path right to my heart. Thanks for the image.

At this point I HAD to look at the menu, which typically overwhelms me because I want to eat it ALL. Cochon’s menu was even worse than normal. It’s fairly short, but Hannah and I agreed that we literally wanted to eat every single thing on the menu. We settled for small plates and 1 entree so we could try several things and still fit in our jeans.

Our table’s display consisted of fried boudin with pickled peppers (the first for my out of town guest), spicy grilled pork ribs with watermelon pickle (we’re both from Kansas City, so our rib standards are high– these delivered), crab stuffed artichoke (how can this be wrong?), and ham hock over red beans and rice which had a unique mint flavor that allowed the hock to shine. I eat a lot of red beans and rice, and this was the most interesting I’ve ever had.

Our waitress was lovely and the overall price tag was shockingly small for how many hiccups I had after dinner from being TOO FULL. Many thanks to the hugable Hannah Stubblefield for treating me dinner in New Orleans!

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  1. krisrobb permalink
    April 21, 2011 10:28 pm

    my partner in pork – love it.
    i don’t know how you don’t weigh 200 pounds!

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