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Dear Ms. Summers

September 29, 2011
Dear Ms. Summers

Dear Ms. Summers

My favorite student came in my room today at lunch like he does every day. Fifteen, just got out of 5th grade, taking care of his 4 younger siblings while his mom is in jail on pending 2nd degree murder charges. He sat down and started reading to me. Forgive the capitalization errors, run-ons and fragments. We’re working on it.

Dear Ms. Summers

I want to let you know

I love you like a mother.

because, you always help you ask me if i’m okay.

Why everyone love you

you treat us like you kids

you treat us all the same

even if they disrespectful you

forgive them because every day

is a new day.

So I will



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  1. Mari permalink
    October 8, 2011 8:21 pm

    The posts aboutyour students break my heart then send it soaring. Keep up the great writing. -M. From DE

  2. Eric permalink
    October 16, 2011 2:49 pm

    Happy to see your enjoying your new endeavours, I love to check in on your blog from time to time,

    Eric, from Alaska

  3. December 10, 2011 12:48 am

    i don’t ever mean to one-up your stories. it’s just that i feel like here is finally a place where someone else understands what i have been there. i have saved this post in my inbox so i can read it frequently.
    i taught third grade and had legitimate 7 and 8 years olds in my class. but i had all ages up to 13 because they just kept failing year after year. my 13 year old, Mercedes…she was as tall as me and i think her boobs were as big as mine too. i was scared of her.
    i had a little sweetheart named Angelina. her mother was killed in a driveway by while she WAS HOLDING HER HAND! she was going to be raised by her grandmother who didn’t speak english. anyway, she asked me if she could call me her mom. heart.breaking. does anyone even know these stories? thank God you blog so you can tell what is going on. i felt like no one believed me.
    i would ask them what they wanted to be when they grew up and their answer was that they were either going to be dead or in a gang. there was no other future for them.
    they would tell me about hiding under cars during drive-by’s. sharing the couch with their siblings bc they didn’t have beds. watching porn after school. 7-13 year olds!!!!
    they didn’t have food and their parents would tell them to go steal from the store.
    reading your posts are so good bc i know them firsthand.
    but they give me anxiety and make me so sad too.
    i want to do anything i can to support you. if there is ever a need, i hope you ask.
    i met a man at the dog park in kc and it came up that we were both former chicago public school teachers. we swapped stories and he told me about a bomb threat one time. someone said it was under a teacher’s car. the administration told the teachers not to go to their cars but they all did. they said, “if it’s me, then i don’t have to come back.” the mentality is like no other. there is nothing else like this field. i feel guilty for leaving if i could have made a difference. and i commend you for choosing it as an adult.
    i don’t mean to sound like a downer! 🙂 sorry!!!! you’re loved! and you’re strong and powerful and i wish i could be a student in your class. i know you’re fantastic!!! xo
    p.s. i’m not proofreading this bc i’m tired so i apologize if it’s all wonky! 🙂

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