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Good vs. Well

December 7, 2011
Good versus Well New Orleans teaching education

Teaching at a high need school in New Orleans never has a dull moment.

My students learned the difference between good and well this year.  To get their brains moving in that direction, at the start of class they wrote about something they did really well, something they are good at. No, I haven’t tackled prepositions ending sentences.

One of my students is 17, turning 18 this year. He hasn’t passed the 4th grade standardized test yet, but in the spirit of no child being left behind, he’s sitting in my 8th grade class. This child is a sweet child, but often stoned, asleep, or disinterested. Imagine how many times he’s heard the same thing over and over. But the day he wrote about something he does well, he didn’t hesitate.

Am I proud of him for writing? Yes. Am I proud of him that after this many years in school, he chooses this topic? I’ll let you decide. And no, we don’t teach sarcasm, either.

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  1. December 10, 2011 12:26 am

    who cares what he’s writing about i say? he used well correctly. that was the objective.
    i was teaching the format of a friendly letter. i told the kids they could write to me about whatever they wanted, i would only be checking format. sure enough i just flipped through the papers looking for date, heading, body, etc… i only stopped to read jose’s because he had used one of those multi-colored click pens so each section was in a different color. this was how i found out he had brought a gun to school and it was in his backpack at the back of the classroom.
    did i already tell you this was third grade?
    p.s. i just googled rizla paper…

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