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Honey Buns

January 24, 2012
Honey Buns

Some kids are required to stay for Power Hour after school for help they'll need to pass the high stakes tests. We reward them with 600 calorie Jumbo Honey Buns. Expo marker included for size comparison. The thing is bigger than my head!

I started my morning watching a one-man track and field event in the hallway, a student who runs everywhere and sweats all day long because does things like spend 10 minutes trying to jump and touch the pipes on the ceiling before class starts. I just had to watch from the door because I had 15 kids sitting in my classroom doing research on the Presidents, and no support in the hall. He wasn’t hurting himself, he just refused to go to class. He was in his own field event, after all. Security finally came and got him into a classroom, covered in sweat having burned off his breakfast.

Speaking of food, the little girl I took to Subway last Friday came to eat with me today. Twice. She came in right before first block, asking me if I had any breakfast. I gave her half my lunch banana. Then she joined me again for lunch, bringing in an iceberg salad and an little orange from the cafeteria. She told me that she and her mom hadn’t been able to make groceries lately, and there wasn’t anything to eat at home.

I ask if she will have anything for dinner. She says her paw-paw will bring her something.

I tell her, as I tell all my sweet kids, slipping them granola bars and crackers and cough drops and little squeezes on the shoulder:

You know the best way to always make sure you have food in the house? A good education. You know the best way to have nice clothes to wear? A good education. The best way to have less crime in the city? A good education. A good education. A good education. I might be a broken record, but at least I’m playing.

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  1. January 24, 2012 6:53 pm

    keep playin’! and play LOUD!
    i wish those honeybuns didn’t look so good!
    my kids used to tell me that their parents told them to steal food from the corner mart for meals for the family. that would be their breakfast too – on the way to school…soda and candy.

  2. February 26, 2012 7:08 pm

    I like that broken record…
    We need to create an atmosphere where smart kids are not ostracized and all are supported to become smarter.

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