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Tevin the Hermit Crab

January 26, 2012
new orleans education

There is an undeniable likeness in the eyes.

My good friend Morgan got a hermit crab. When brainstorming for a name (the most crucial decision when acquiring an animal), I suggested naming him after one of my students. I rattled off names. She settled on Tevin, a fantastic name for a hermit crab.

Tevin was an angry mid year transfer student who seriously struggles with reading and writing. Once he figured out that he could write about stuff he really likes (read: football and Lil Wayne), he turned on. He, er, came out of his shell. He proclaimed he was a changed man after New Year’s. He grins with pride when he does his homework. He begs for positive phone calls home, and I always give in.

Of course I came to school and told Tevin and the entire class that my friend has named her hermit crab after him. He’s so pumped. When I finally get a picture of Tevin the crab from my friend, I respond with a picture of Tevin the student. In case you can’t tell from the smile on his face, having a hermit crab named after you is big business.

When all the other stuff falls away, kids are just kids, entertained by Chia pets, markers, high fives, and hermit crabs.

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  1. January 26, 2012 11:35 pm

    that’s awesome!!!

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