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We Almost Got a Baby

February 3, 2012
New Orleans Education

Exit Ticket from a Superstar! 1. I Don't Know. 2. I Don't Care.

One of my best students announces first thing in lit block, “We almost got a baby!”

“We? Almost? You’ll have to explain that.”

“Well. I came home and my mama be holdin’ a baby! And I asked if we could keep it. And she told me the story. See, we got this crackhead lady and the baby daddy livin’ cross the street. They had the baby. But the police came to arrest him for drugs and they took her off to rehab or somethin’ so they passed the baby on to us. For a while. Ya know, like we was gonna keep it ’till they got back. But the the baby daddy sister came and got the baby. But didn’t take none the stuff. So we got all the baby stuff but no baby! The lady just took the baby and the car seat.”

This girl is so excited. She loves babies, but she hates all children who are “older than 4 because they talk too much and get into stuff,” she often declares.

“And she has HIV!” she continues, saying it as if HIV had 6 syllables. “But they gave her stuff so she wouldn’t give the baby HIV.”

“So no baby?”

“No baby.”

This prompts an illegal discussion about bodily fluids which I absolutely can’t pass on ever since I discovered that many of these kids don’t know exactly how “people” get pregnant (one 16 year old girl recently asked if boys can have babies while another 17 year old lays at home on bed rest due to complications in her 2nd pregnancy, her 3 year old daughter keeping her company) and why it burns so bad when they pee. Uh, because you don’t drink water, consume 1 liter Pineapple Big Shots for breakfast, and should get an STD check?

Good decision, Louisiana, to have abstinence-only sex-education, or none at all, since your 70% graduation rate couldn’t possibly be related to teenage pregnancy. Of all the laws I break every day, my real-talk-about-sex conversations with my kids is the one broken law I can’t apologize for. Sorry for speeding. Sorry I rolled through that stop sign. Impromptu sex-ed? Oops.

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  1. February 4, 2012 2:17 pm

    “I am not a teacher, but an awakener”
    Robert Frost

    What is the role of the teacher?
    Author Unknown

    The teacher holds several roles.
    The teacher must love all of her children and treat them as equal but
    special individuals, thus she is a mother.
    The teacher must ask though provoking questions and encourage
    exploration and investigation, thus she is a scientist.
    The teacher must sing loud and proud, even if she can not carry a tune,
    thus she is a musician.
    The teacher must run, hop, jump, skip, and tumble with the children,
    thus she is a gymnast.
    The teacher must share accounts of far away lands and imaginary people,
    thus she is a storyteller.
    The teacher must bandage scraped knees and kiss “ouchies”, thus she is a
    The teacher must give words of encouragement, louder and stronger than
    anyone thought possible, thus she is a cheerleader.
    The teacher must listen with open ears and an empathetic heart, thus she
    is a friend.
    The teacher is a facilitator, enables, questioner, encourager,
    organizer, nurturer, backer, advocator, and supporter.
    The teacher holds several roles, each different in
    action, but equal in importance.
    To teach is to touch a life forever. And that is what the most
    important role of the teacher is.

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