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Left-over Pizza

March 21, 2012

I have this student– let’s call him Stu for short.

Stu hasn’t made it to school in a couple weeks. Yesterday was the LEAP test and today the make up test, so I called his mom at lunch today to find out if she knew he hadn’t been here, if everything was ok, if he was sick or something. I just met with her a few weeks ago about Stu’s behavior and attendance (at which point she punched him in the chest in front of me).

“Oh, he’s not feeling well.”

“Oh, no. Ok, well has he been to the doctor? Do you think he’ll be back soon?”

Long pause.

“Well, it’s not really that. It’s something else. I can’t really talk about it.”

“Ok, well I just wanted you to know we were wondering about him. I hope everything is ok.”

She hangs up.

Then I think back to my morning lit block when another student said she heard he got picked up. It’s not uncommon for kids to be absent for a couple weeks because they’re in jail.

So I went to Orleans Parish Prison Inmate search online and typed in his name. Lo and behold. There is my 15-year-old student in an orange jumpsuit, booked in a couple weeks ago for aggravated rape, held on a $1,000,000 bond, being tried as an adult.

A quick Google search of his name will turn up the story (which I am not linking to because it lists his name, even as a minor). Stu and 2 others were indicted on 2 aggravated rape charges against a 5-year-old and 6-year-old girl. No other details were released. As a person, I’m disgusted even at the thought of it. As his teacher, I’m shocked, stunned, weakened, saddened, and I hope hope hope hope he didn’t do it. I cannot stress how much I hope he didn’t do it.

Of all the things that have happened this year– weapons brought to school, fights, arrests, lack of knowledge, gaps in learning, low reading levels, apathetic attitudes, unsupportive parents,  incarcerated parents, dead parents, dead siblings, stolen cars, police chases — this makes my head spin. If my life were a movie, no one would watch this part. This is when they’d wander into the kitchen for some left-over pizza.

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  1. moonmaid permalink
    March 21, 2012 3:47 pm

    Just awful. So sorry you had to find out that way. Finding them in jail is like a kick in the chest, and those charges are unimaginably horrible. 😦

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