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I’m a Dreamer

April 26, 2012
Ms. Summers Inspires

This student told me his intention in life is to SOAR. In all caps. Amen.

Another glorious sunny day in New Orleans. My class is studying songs, song writing, and will soon be composing their own songs. Based on what I can see them do in their freestyles, I can’t wait to see what they compose. Today we watched K’Naan’s “Dreamer” and then studied the lyrics. I love to see them realize that you can overcome anything if you can dream big enough– or rather, if intention is clearly defined. No matter where we come from, we decide where we go.

After school was over, I made a few phone calls to parents who had not sent their packets for the field trip back. Four of my kids couldn’t come because their parents didn’t have enough notice they’d need some cash for the trip. I was so happy to be able to tell them about the generosity of my friends, family, and readers. One mother told me, “I never let my baby out of my sight before.” This trip will be eye opening for my kids and their parents, and may be the second step in their going to college. I consider myself the first.

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  1. kmrobb1 permalink
    April 26, 2012 4:39 pm

    AMEN! in all caps!!

  2. Betty Mantz permalink
    April 29, 2012 3:18 pm

    Oh honey this is such a special experience for you and those kids are so blessed to have YOU in their lives. Thank you for your wonderful blogs so I can live vicariously!

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