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Giving Chocolate to a Pocket Elf

May 7, 2012
grasshopper by ee cummings

In the middle of a lesson on e.e. cummings’ “grasshopper” my student informed me I am gaining weight. Another student described a grasshopper’s movements as “giving chocolate to a pocket elf.” Never a dull moment in my classroom in New Orleans.

I haven’t seen many of my students in a week because I was out of town on a school trip. This morning one of my boys (who has Louis Vuitton logos shaved into his fade on the left side and “Yolo” shaved into the right side) informed me, in the middle of my short lesson on being creative in writing poetry, that I was swollen.

“Ms. Summers. You gained weight when you were gone.”

Oh, great.

“Dat’s a good thing,” he quips.

It’s cute, my students think I’m skinny. You know, flat butt, pancake booty. His comment reminded me of a gentleman who happened to be in the street one day when my friend Sarah and I were running, training for our half marathon.

“Don’t take too much off, now.”

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  1. kmrobb1 permalink
    May 7, 2012 6:44 pm

    “you can do side-bends and sit-ups. but please don’t lose that butt!”

    and i think the grasshopper’s movements description is phenomenal!

  2. November 25, 2012 11:59 am

    i found your pages whilst googling for ‘the tree of life’ in New Orleans…and then began to wander through your other stories about teaching. was stunned by the bureaucratic stupidity [in refusing certification], shocked by what’s really going on and heartened by your understanding and humanity. bless you.

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