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Ugly-Ass Shoes

May 10, 2012
Sunny and Jesse

Clearly I’ve demonstrated stellar fashion since I was four. Minus the hair I cut myself. But still.

I attempt to teach a student in New Orleans who comes to school about, oh, once a week. Maybe. When he comes, he likes to sleep. It’s not conducive to learning, if you can imagine.

Today, he and 2 other boys came in tardy, and then had their heads down. It was the beginning of class, and after we covered the objective, and my expectations for in class poem writing, I followed it up with my daily mantra: every minute you spend with your head down is a minute you spend with me after school.

Two heads popped up.

The other one stayed down. But then at one point he decided he needed to send a text, or check Facebook, or read the time on his phone (most of my students can’t tell time on a standard faced clock).  So I reached my hand out to let him place his phone in my hand. It’s easy. If you’re phone is out in my class, it’s mine. Most of my kids who get busted are so embarrassed they’ll just give it up. Not him.

He throws a fit. While everyone else is writing imagist poems, I step out in the hall and call his dad. As I’m out of the room, my student announces to the rest of his working classmates, “That bitch always be callin’ my dad, with those ugly-ass shoes.”

Now, I might get called a bitch once, maybe twice a week. It’s not too uncommon.  I push my kids to work hard, and those who don’t want to work think I’m pond scum.  “You be trippin’!” or my favorite, “You be blowin’ me!” I always assure them that I have not, in fact, tripped, and I am definitely not blowing them.

I, unlike my middle schoolers, filter what criticisms I take seriously. One of my best students told me one day in class, mid-rant, that I preached too much, and to deaf ears. That, I listened to. She was right. Preaching just made me mad, and them listen less.

But this guy? Come on, man, it’s an invalidated insult. Bitch, I might be. But my kicks are just fine.

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  1. May 12, 2012 8:25 pm

    Love you shoes

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