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Bin Sama O’Ladden

May 18, 2012
baby sunny dawn summers

Can’t you see why they named me Sunny Dawn Summers?

Kids at my school in New Orleans don’t know eachother’s names. They call each other Son, or Bay, or some kind of nick name like Mini or Neenee. Or that black boy, or that red boy. Or that white lady. I think it comes from the southern dialect and pronunciations that make my head spin.

I’m a person who likes to know names, first and last, and how they’re spelled, and where they come from. I guess being named Sunny Dawn Summers has made me more aware of what’s in a name.


“What’s your last name?”


“That’s a type of bread?”

And my favorite butchered name. He was so proud of himself for being worldly: Bin Sama O’Ladden.

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  1. kmrobb1 permalink
    May 18, 2012 8:13 am

    your parents gave you the best name in the world!
    i agree with you. people are always butchering my name…krissy, krista, kristina, christina, kirsten, kierstin, courtney..and now robby, robertson, robey…??? so it made me really want to pay attention to the accuracy of others’ names. actually, in theatre class in high school (barf!) i did a speech on names. i also sang “you are my sunshine.” so i was kind of already channeling you back in 1992 🙂

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