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Sperled Eggs

May 30, 2012
New Orleans Party

This kid learned how to write stanzas and hasn’t stopped since. Some days he writes one word on each line and then shows me how he wrote an entire page.

I love a southern dialect. In New Orleans, it’s not so much of a twang, rather a morphed language. My kids say mines, not mine. And pants is pantses. Those pantses are mines. All the OIs change to ERs. Oil is erl. Boil is berl. And my new favorite, spoil is sperl.

Today’s journal topic: What makes a good party a great party? This was easily my favorite answer:

People gotta be smellin’ good. People gotta be taking a baff. Er-else e’ryone be smellin’ like crawfish and sperled eggs! Take. A. Baff!

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  1. May 30, 2012 3:57 pm

    you never fail to make me laugh girl

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