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Aliens Among Us

June 7, 2012

The Do Now is always on the board when the kids come in class. Students get their journals, sit down, and write until the daily song is over. Today’s topic: If there are aliens, what do they think about us?

One girl, the meanest, loudest, nastiest 16-year-old, soon to be a 3rd-time-8th grade student we have, who comes in daily and shouts, “Man I ain’t doin’ nothin’ today! I ain’t doin’ no work!”, tried to read the topic.

What’s ay-lions?


Oh. Man I’m scared uh ay-lions. I scared uh ET. When I be seein’ it at Disney I ran ‘n’ cried. I used’ta be scared of midgets and dem people on dem tall things.



After the kids wrote, I asked for a show of hands, who believes in aliens? (Everyone.) Then, what do they look like?

Like unborn babies! They head be bigger den they body!

Like electronics

You mean like a DVD player?


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