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Understand, Son?

June 11, 2012
sunny dawn summers and dad

All dads are supposed to protect their little girls. Some dads just have highly interesting methods.

Last week a student of mine told me how her daddy scares the boys she brings home. It’s a little different in New Orleans.

He puts his pistol in the waist of his pants. He lays out his shotgun and his AK-47 on the dining room table. He calls the boy into the living room and asks him to sit down while he buff shines the weapons. Then he stands up, and he slams the pistol down on the table.

“See this? This her daddy.”

The little girl, this 15-year-old student of mine is acting the whole thing out for us in the front row of class. She’s barely 4’10”, but she’s fierce, a Blood First Lady. No one messes with her. She’s smart as a whip and always positive. Today she tells us her dad likes her to date boys who carry guns so they can protect her. I remind her that stray bullets rarely find guilty parties.

He holds up the shotgun. “This her brother.”

He points the AK-47 in the air. “This here? This her sister.”

Then he goes in for the kill, pointing the semi-automatic rifle right at the young man who is courting his daughter. “You mess with her? You mess with the whole family. Understand, son?”

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