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Chuck Norris Howls at the Moon

November 5, 2012
chuck norris wolf shirt

Chuck Norris derives his power from the wolf. Image from

I go to acupuncture 2 or 3 times a week. After a couple months of being in the Pacific Northwest and not feeling like myself, I decided what was missing was some alternative medicine. Chinese style. So I go, and they tell me my heart and liver are all jacked up which makes for emotional conflict and fatigue. Not a good combo. They also tell me how to eat for my body, and give me herbs like deer antler to up my energy. Cured. Right? Right.

But today I go and I tell my acupuncturist that I’m having some issues with motivation. Maybe it’s the weather (the rain stops for breathable moments but I haven’t seen the sun in a while), maybe it’s feeling sorry for myself about my battle with teaching certification.

I mention the GRE, and he asks why I’m taking it. I get started telling a cliff notes’ version of my story: I taught at one of the toughest schools in New Orleans last year, I didn’t get certified due to crappy data, standardized test crap, that I can’t even get a sub job right now. I want to take my GRE and go back to school so I can continue in education, but in a way that helps students be successful in life, not focusing on standardized testing, test scores, and data points.

obama wolf shirt

Maybe Obama’s power animal is the wolf. And might this serve as a reminder to go vote!!! Image from

And he stops me because I’m crying big rain drop tears, and he says something like it’s not a motivation issue, you’ve felt complete and now it feels like it’s been taken away from you. Once you feel satisfied or fulfilled, and then it’s gone, you keep searching for it. Same with true homesickness, once you find a place that feels like home, if you leave, you always long for it.

He then plugged a bunch of needles into my arms and legs and ears, turned off the lights, and left me to rest. For the first time, I couldn’t close my eyes. I searched the ceiling tiles like clouds in the sky for 45 mintes, finding wolf faces everywhere I looked. Wolf faces? I came home and looked up wolves as power animals. The wolf is a symbol for teaching and pathfinding, being a great teacher or leader, for deep understanding. The wolf never loses personal identity even though it’s part of a strong social structure. The shamanic journey associates the wolf with death, or spiritual cleansing and transition, going out to find a new truth and bringing it back to the pack.

The sun just came out. Hopefully the clouds stay clear so I can go outside tonight and howl at the moon.

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  1. Deirdre Lewis permalink
    November 5, 2012 2:46 pm


  2. November 6, 2012 3:30 pm

    i see a new tattoo in your future 🙂
    hope you’re feeling better! xo
    p.s. i’m totally into acupuncture too!

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