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Chaos is What Killed the Dinosaurs

December 14, 2012

Veronica (Winona Ryder) and J.D. (Christian Slater) star in Heathers. Watch it. You’ll never look at high school (or shoulder pads) the same.

There was a shooting at an elementary school today in Connecticut. The entire day went by and I hadn’t heard anything. Our school day was closing with a pep rally, and as I walked to the gym, another teacher told me about the tragedy. I entered the gym to the band playing, drums vibrating the pit in my stomach. I decided not to stay for the assembly. I kept thinking of the scene in Heathers when Christian Slater as J.D. wires the gym bleachers with explosives. I mean, I’m no Veronica. Veronica saves the day.

Then I started thinking about Aaron, my kid who brought a gun to school after I’d been a teacher in New Orleans for 2 weeks. My mom used to ask me if I was afraid at my school. Sure. But I wasn’t afraid for my life, I was afraid for theirs.

I went from the gym to the office to return my visitor’s badge and sign out. Four kids sat in the chairs along the wall, punished for being tardy. Two of them were looking through books on guns and discussing their favorites, and why.

I got in my car and drove home.

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