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Point of View

August 21, 2013
I'd pay big money to have one of these cheer jackets! Go Bulldogs!

I’d pay big money to own one of these cheer jackets! Go Bulldogs.

Today in a 10th grade English class in New Orleans we analyzed the use of third person omniscient point of view in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. We are 3 chapters in and my  kids are seriously blowing my mind. Academic conversations. Thoughtful arguments. It’s incredible. I credit last year’s English teachers.

Me: Om. Ni. Scient.

Them: Om. Ni. Scient.

Me: Omniscient!

Them: Huh?

Me: So, let’s break that word down.

Omni = All

Scient = Knowing.

Y’all ever been to church and heard the preacher say, The Almighty Ominiscient, or something like that?

Them: Yeah!

Me: So 3rd person omniscient means the narrator is kinda like God looking down. Knowing everything. Seeing into your heart and mind. (Hand shoots up) Yes?

Them: You mean like Santa Claus?

Me: Exactly.

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  1. Anne Ohri permalink
    August 22, 2013 8:26 am

    I love you and your energy. Still jealous that Clark has you; hope they are appreciating the gift! Let’s get together soon!

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