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Go, Honey

February 7, 2014
new house

Because I have so much time on my hands, we bought a house that needed full renovations. Everything is covered in dust, and more than 1 student has asked me why I wear the same shoes every day.

Pardon the haitus. It’s not for lack of desire. I work too much. Teachers, especially public schools teachers in New Orleans, you know what I mean. I figured out my hourly salary and it ain’t pretty.

$9.38. Per hour!


My mom said, “You’d never take a job for $9 an hour!”

She’s a teacher. K-2 special ed.

“And $0.38 too, mom.”

This week, one of my freshman advisees told me she just got new twin brothers.

Wait, from your dad? I just saw your mom.

Yeah, my daddy.

Like your mom and dad that are together?


Does he have a girlfriend or something?

Something like that. But my mama did too so that’s why he did. They ok. They workin’ through it. We gotta make a new bedroom for the baby boys.

Another girl laid this gem on us:

My daddy? He kill a man in front a church! And then he hid in a tree!

She told us her father had been locked up since she was really little. And that he has a huge neck. Thyroid maybe? But a big neck. She sees his big neck when she visits him in prison. She thinks he’ll be out soon, but his sentence was 30 years and she’s only 15.

Another girl came to me and said this, I swear: Ms. Summers. I gotta use it. I gotta berl. Down there. I gotta go wipe it. It pussin’.

What do you say to that? Without missing a beat, I say this: Go, honey. Just go.

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  1. February 8, 2014 11:48 am

    Glad your back, the house looks like it has good bones.

  2. February 11, 2014 6:14 am

    Congrats on the house! It looks beautiful!
    $9.38/hour. Dammit that is NOT good.
    pussin’…. PLEASE!!! what an image to leave me with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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