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Good Luck Poo and Puke

August 11, 2014
When I visited my brother in France, I found this Sunny car with bird poo on it and I thought it, too, was good luck.

When I visited my brother in France, I found this Sunny car with bird poo on it and I thought it, too, was good luck.

First day of school with students in New Orleans, in almost every school. I’ve been up since 5 and haven’t really slept in 2 nights due to dream-teaching, the uncontrollable subconscious I experience when I’m anxious about school. Overall, today was fantastic, and I’m exhausted. Highlights:

1. I talked to an old student of mine who will be graduating this year, and her little sister, who I taught last year, this morning on my way to work. In a city like New Orleans, I always eye-ball school uniforms to figure out if I know a kid. Of course, I pulled over when I saw a navy blue polo, and got two squealing “Ms. Summers!!” hugs before 6:30 a.m.

2. The clouds reflected a gorgeous sunrise. Orange and pink and periwinkle.

3. I listened to Mariah Carey “Always be my Baby” on the ride to work.

4. I stepped in dog diarrhea before 8 a.m. In sandals. There was foot to poo contact.

5. Students revealed two major pieces of information to me today: my dad’s in federal prison; my best friend just killed himself. You know, things you normally tell complete stranger on the first day of school. (I’ve always had the “tell me everything” affliction.)

6. A kid puked in my room with 5 minutes left in class. We were making human statues. I was working with the Integrity group, and was notified calmly by another student: “Ms. Summers, he just vomited.” They didn’t run or freak out, just calmly walked into the library where the librarian got to catch up with the returners I got to hold a trashcan above the large chunks of cafeteria lunch. Poor thing.

I think all of these things are good signs. The poo and puke remind me of the last day of school in Ms. Mueller’s class in 3rd grade when a bird pooped on my head during our picnic. She told me it was good luck. I believed her because I wanted to. I guess you can believe anything is good luck, if you want it bad enough.

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  1. August 20, 2014 6:29 pm

    Shoot! I meant to reply right away! Did you sing aloud to Mariah Carey “Always be my Baby” on your ride to work?? That’s a great sing-along! 😉
    I’ve been thinking of you and wishing you good luck! I hope it’s been going well!

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