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I Collect Shoes and Knowledge

August 13, 2014
Pretty dang good free hand with no reference.

Pretty dang good free hand with no reference.

Day 1 of school I asked my English II World Literature students to draw a map of the world. It was one of several social experiments I’ve performed on them to get to know them in my subtle, master manipulator sort of way. The map shown here was the best.

The most disheartening map was just blue squiggles. The most confusing was the one where Australia became attached to Canada where Alaska used to reside.

Day 2 of school we had a 60-second show and tell. Some kids revealed the most personal things like parents passing away or their sketchbooks, and some revealed even more by revealing nothing at all. One kid brought his shoes and told the class, “I collect shoes and knowledge.”

Day 3 of school I discovered graffiti on a desk! It said, “Peace can happen.” I left it.

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  1. August 20, 2014 6:30 pm

    PEACE CAN HAPPEN! That’s the most beautiful thing!!! Makes my heart sing! Love you!! Thanks for loving on the kids!!!

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